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"Your Home At your Fingertips"

A R Automation

"Your Home At your Fingertips"

Smart Security System – VISONIC Power Master

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Why You Need Security…..

Did you know that a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds? It gets worse; homes without security systems are up to 2.7 times more vulnerable to burglaries than homes with effective security systems (A Secure Life). In addition to burglaries, security systems have protected people from fires, floods, gas explosions and carbon monoxide poisoningAn effective wired alarm system, made up of various sensors, could offer you the protection you need. They are also available in the market, and if your home is under construction or renovation, it could be the perfect time to install home security system. Visonic provides an extensive range of wireless security products and detectors for residential and commercial/industrial properties. We offer advanced intrusion, safety, emergency, communication, remote observation solutions, and more.

Area Requirements for Installation

Before installation, we ensure your security needs, as you may not need all the sensors a wired alarm system offers. Find out:1. Actual Site .
2. How many entry points are there and which of these are important3. The square footage that need to be covered4. Where the sensors have to be placed5. Where the main control panel should be place. When it comes to your security, the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could not be less true. According to FBI, 97% of all home intrusions happen when no one is at home. There is a greater likelihood that a burglar would pass on a house knowing that it is wired with burglar alarm system.
Alarm System

Center Monitoring station – The Unsung Heroes

The team working at the CMS are the unsung heroes of this security system. As soon as the station receives a signal, the operators contact the owner and the concerned authorities so that any attempt to break-in can be foiled.Let no intrusion in any premise go unattended. Amitek is a trusted name you can rely on for home and office safety. Don’t lose sleep over the fear of burglars in the neighbourhood. Get the best intrusion and burglar alarm at a surprisingly affordable cost.

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